Many of the parables about the kingdom of God teach us that the Kingdom starts small and steadily increases over time. The mustard seed, the leaven in the bread, and even the wheat seeds planted in the field teach us that the Kingdom is about growth, increase, a process over time, and though it starts small and innocuous its growth is inevitable, it is unstoppable; undeterred by seasons and circumstances. The inevitable and predictable result is fulness and completion.


This is how the Kingdom of God is growing and enlarging throughout the earth. Its beginning was about as small and innocuous as you might imagine - an unassuming baby born to unassuming parents in very unassuming circumstances.  But its growth has been relentless and undeterred, spreading to every corner of the world; on its way to fulfilling the prophecy of

“every tribe and every tongue”. Despite fierce opposition, or apathetic disinterest the Kingdom has continued to grow - silently, determinedly, undeterred by ignorance or opposition the Kingdom advances.


What many of us fail to recognize is that this is how the Kingdom grows inside me and you too!

Its origins are small and unassuming. One simple moment in time when we received the life of Christ into our lives; when Christ was born in us! From that moment on the Kingdom has continued to grow inside of me and you. Relentlessly, silently, determinedly the Kingdom of God is being formed within you and me. Despite my opposition, and despite my apathy, God is working. To produce the life of His Son in me, and in you! And unless you or I do something to derail that process (willful disobedience, unrepentant sin, prolonged and sustained indifference) nothing can stop the inevitable outcome - that you and I should become sons of God, that the life of Christ should be formed in us.


Paul reminds us in Philippians chapter 6 that”being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ…”


It’s a process over time. You and I are being changed from the inside out. We are being transformed into the image of the Son. We are becoming citizens of a new Kingdom. Celebrate the transformation… and press on to completion!


Paul is “confident of this very thing” because no power on earth, natural or supernatural can stop the purposes of God… but notice he is confident but not guaranteed. The only person that can stop the life of Christ being formed in me… is me!